Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Top 5 Real Estate SEO Strategies

Written by Than Merrill

The importance of an online presence can’t be underestimated for individuals in the real estate industry. Real estate investors, in particular, must take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer. Doing so will give them a significant edge over their competition and propel their business to the next level. Familiarize yourself with the following real estate SEO strategies and you will be rewarded accordingly.

Of particular concern, however, is the method in which an online presence can be established. Those unfamiliar with what direction to take should consider real estate SEO strategies. Proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are critical for achieving a high ranking, driving more traffic, and generating more sales leads. Conversely, neglecting to implement well-devised real estate SEO strategies will hamper your ability to conduct business.

The following is a comprehensive list of the top 5 real estate SEO strategies you should be using:

Know The Competition

Understanding what your competition is doing is just as critical as what you are doing. Take advantage of Google’s wide range of tools that are made available to the public for free and research your competitors. Find out who is ranking well and why they are in a position to do so. If their techniques are working for them, they will work for you too.

Back To The Basics

While using a basic strategy may seem rudimentary to some, or even obvious, there are many investors who fail to do so on a regular basis. Make sure you are following the most basic search engine optimization techniques. When creating a new webpage on your site, always be sure to optimize your page titles, meta-descriptions, alt-tags, and filenames with proper keyword usage. Failure to implement these basic techniques will render your page irrelevant in the eyes of a search engine. Make a habit out of committing to the basics.

Update Your Blog Frequently

Updating your blog on a frequent schedule is perhaps the most important thing you can do to improve your page ranking and positioning. The most popular search engines reward those who are diligent and update their site frequently with well-written content. It should go without saying, but your blogs should also be properly optimized.

Get Rid Of Dead Links

There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link and having it be broken or go to a page that no longer exists. Google takes broken links into consideration and penalizes those pages that have them. Go through your site and make sure all your dead links are either fixed, or totally eliminated.

Increase Content

While search engines take into consideration the amount of content your site has, it is important to make sure it is quality content. Relevant and quality content is more important than ever. Google updates are increasingly searching for these factors, so abiding by their rules will only help your rankings. Make absolutely certain that your site consists of information your readers will be engaged in. Without it, Google and popular search engines will ignore you.