Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

The Unexpected Perks of Passive Income Generating Real Estate

Written by Paul Esajian

Passive income real estate investing has a lot more perks than what is hinted at by its name. Income producing rental properties, and especially turnkey properties, have far more to offer real estate investors than most realize. Some of the rewards might seem small on the surface. Others are truly life changing. Essentially, the unexpected perks associated with passive income real estate investing can be more meaningful than those you have come to expect.

Passive income real estate investing is not only being chosen for superior investment returns and safety. It delivers dependable cash flow and wealth building, as well as tax advantages. For some, these are just bonuses. Others simply can’t live and survive without them.

Having said that, what are some of the lessor recognized perks of being a passive income real estate investor? What are some of the benefits which are so powerful that those experiencing them could never go back to anything else?

No More Commuting

For those that are able to derive all of their income needs from cash flowing real estate, there is no need to go to work for someone else. While not being told what to do, living on someone else’ schedule, and lacking income are all reason this is a desirable goal, one of the biggest perks is not having to commute to work any more. There are obvious benefits: saving gas costs and protecting the environment, being more productive with every waking hour, safety from not being stuck in traffic, and reduce car and transportation costs.

Building Traditions and Memories

“Working for the man” isn’t just hard, demoralizing, and unprofitable most of the time; it also means missing out on many of the most important moments in life. Passive income investors don’t have to ask for permission to take off on their personal favorite holidays, or when their kids are on break from school. They don’t have to risk being fired or trashing their careers to make it to kids’ football games, dance practices or to attend family reunions. Instead, they are able to build traditions and unforgettable memories with new experiences with their partners, children and extended family and friends. That’s what life is really about. The income, wealth, and high digit investment returns from real estate are just tools that provide the ability to get more of this.

Peace of Mind

What most individuals crave more of is peace of mind. Passive wealth building, without being tied to the ability to work and trade hours for it can provide incredible peace of mind, and let’s passive income real estate investors sleep a lot easier. They can be confident that, regardless of what life throws at them, they can provide for those they care about.

Full Potential

Wasting time and talent is a real tragedy. Unfortunately, many never get the opportunity to reach, or even strive for, their full potential. They get caught in the rat race: putting out daily fires to keep up with bills and survive, rather than being able to pursue their aspirations. With a few cash flow producing rentals, individuals can get their time back and gain the freedom to work on the things they really love.

Better Relationships

Relationships appear to be failing at an incredible pace. More often than not, their demise is a result of quality time together, or financial stress. Some statistics proclaim married couples get less than an hour together each week. When that little precious time is spent discussing the lack of finances and the side effects of it, it is easy to see how the stress and distance can erode even the best matches, fast. Passive income real estate investments change all that, even if one partner keeps working, or both volunteer 35 hours a week. The financial strain can be lifted, allowing couples more time to enjoy each others’ company.

The Ability to Give Back

While some may enter real estate investing just to catch up or get ahead with finances, most soon find they have an increased capacity to give back and pay it forward.