Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

What’s the FBI Doing with Your iPhone Data?

Written by Paul Esajian

3 new Apple security threats are a big wake up call to real estate investors to protect their privacy and their data…

What do you need to know and how can you defend yourself and your income?

1. The FBI is Tracking You

Hackers recently uncovered more than 12 million Apple device IDs along with their corresponding phone numbers, users’ addresses and names on an FBI laptop. Some of this sensitive information has already been publicly leaked onto the web and the rest could follow soon. The reason for this move by hackers was reportedly to raise awareness of FBI tracking and ask how they got the data and what they are doing with it. Even if your phone is off the FBI and other prying ears and eyes can activate cameras, microphones, hack messages and track locations. So make sure you are doing business the right way and dealing with other reputable individuals or you could get an unpleasant visit from ‘big brother’.

2. Corporate Espionage

Due to leaks and spies iPhone 5 accessories are already in manufacturing and for sale even before the official launch announcement from Apple. This is an important lesson for real estate investors. Don’t give out your lead resources, partners, lenders, marketing plans or advanced website plans. Employees and vendor reps can leak this info and give your competitors the edge.

3. Hackers Erasing Individual’s Online Lives

In another Apple snafu a customer service rep unwittingly gave control of a user’s account to a hacker who wiped their iPhone, iPad and Mac clean, erased their online file storage and hijacked their social and email accounts. Imagined if all of your digital devices were compromised and all of your online profiles, emails and files were lost tomorrow. For most real estate investing companies it could put them out of business because they aren’t prepared. So use stronger passwords and verification procedures as well as using multiple backups.