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The seller of this property called us off one of our pre-foreclosure direct mail campaigns. The property needed a lot of work although it was located in a really nice neighborhood. The seller was behind on payments and owed more than the property was worth. We ended up negotiating a short sale with the bank and they accepted our second offer that we submitted.

We funded the deal using a private money lender who financed the entire deal. We ended up rehabbing the property and put about $40,000 worth of work into the house. The kitchen turned out beautiful and we opened up the kitchen so it flowed into the living room which made the house a lot more functional. When we finished the project we listed it with our Realtor we have used many times in the past. She ended up finding the buyer herself from a Facebook ad she placed. It was a very successful project and the house turned out beautifully. It was one of our best projects so far.

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