Pre-Selling Wholesale Properties

Even if you have only been actively real estate investing for a few weeks you will have already discovered that there are literally hundreds of homes in your area that are ripe for flipping. Buying and buying right certainly shouldn’t be an issue at all, however turning those investment properties into cold hard cash is where some can find it more difficult. You definitely do not want to be stuck with dozens of properties on hand for weeks that can start eating up your reserves and hold up your income. So one of the best solutions for this is to presell your investment properties.

If you can go hunting for real estate investing deals knowing that they are already sold you can make decisions much faster and be sure that any deposits you need to make will be returned in days along with a nice pay check. Some of you are probably thinking this sounds much easier than actually doing it. Though when you think about it you are going to have to find buyers anyway and the truth is it is a lot easier to move something you already have an order for rather than trying to sell and convince somebody they want the inventory you have on hand. Not to mention it is a lot more cost effective and a lot less risky.

How do you start pre-selling properties for your real estate investing business? Simply start by moving your main focus to cultivating buyers. These can be made up of other real estate investing companies, individual investors looking for wholesale deals to flip themselves and even retail buyers looking to take advantage of the great bargains on the market and low mortgage interest rates.

If you have a real estate license you can even tap the MLS or your office for listings of short sales and foreclosures to post on your website to generate interest and inquiries and won’t need any of your own inventory to get started. Meet with buyers find out what they want and get a commitment from them that if you provide exactly what meets their criteria they will buy it. This is of course a lot easier to do with other real estate investing companies or individual investors who generally are only concerned with the numbers and not living in the home themselves. Then if possible get them to put up the deposit ahead of time, at least in escrow so that you can shop with confidence. It is a lot easier than you think if you just give it a try…