Private Money For Real Estate Investing Gone Wild!

Still chasing private money for your real estate investing deals? There is a ton of private money floating around out there to be had and many who have extra capital to invest simply don’t know what to do with it.

Last week Fox News highlighted the incredible landscape for those seeking money from private investors with several stories about new start ups who received some serious cash. Two of these start ups landed over $10 million dollars each. You don’t even need anywhere near that to rocket your real estate investing business to the next level. So get out there and hit up some angel investors.

Private equity funds have also done amazingly well so far this year with over $66 billion raised so far. In fact one real estate fund closed out in May with over $5.5 billion in private funds raised for real estate investing. Where is all this private money coming from? There are individuals with money they need to invest all over the country and individuals extremely interested in real estate investing but who just don’t know where to get started. Of course a lot of private money is coming out of Silicon Valley, though many big players in real estate investing are seeing money from Europe and some are even looking into Islamic or ‘Sharia’ compliant set ups for real estate investing so that they can tap into wealth from the Middle East.

If you find that you are spending a lot of time on trying to attract private money lenders for your real estate investing activities without a lot of results try to be a little more creative and systematized in your approach. Of course it is also wise to seek out further real estate education or attend related seminars providing more details on how to do it successfully in order to get the maximum return on your time and resources.

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