Quick Guide to Press Release Marketing for Investors

One of the most powerful content marketing tools available to real estate investing companies today is press release marketing. How does it work, why do you need it and what do you need to know to make it effective?

By creating and distributing their own press releases real estate investing companies can raise the visibility of their business and brand, get a better handle on reputation management, generate their own buzz, improve SEO and even generate real leads.

You see plenty of other real estate investing businesses and related companies in the news all the time from your local newspaper to the web and it isn’t because they are better or have connections, often they are simply creating their own press and providing it to journalists and media outlets which need content.

What should real estate investing professionals be writing about or focusing their press releases on? Obviously press releases are not magazine ads and cannot be pure, blatant sales pitches but they can work for lead generation and be used to position your company. Fortunately there are endless opportunities for writing press releases right now. Perhaps just providing more insight on the current housing market is sufficient though new website launches, staff member additions, announcing strategic partnerships and highlighting how your real estate investing business is helping others to sell or buy homes in the current market can all be winning press release ideas.

When it comes to the actual content be sure to highlight the pain which buyers and sellers are facing today to provide more motivation for them to actually contact you for help. Many press distribution networks will require your pieces to be at least 450 words long though avoid being too lengthy. You want to maintain attention and momentum to get readers to actually take action and boring them with reams of words isn’t likely to accomplish that.

The biggest question most real estate investing firms have is where to submit or send their press releases to get them in print and on the web. They can be sent directly to local publications and new networks though submission through online PR syndication sites is likely the most efficient use of time and provides the widest possible coverage both on and off the web. Do a quick Google search and you are sure to find many options mostly paid but some free as well.

Now get out there and create your own buzz and get your phones ringing…

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