Are You Ready for Reverse Article Marketing?

We warned you this was coming!

Frantic website and blog owners have been hitting up outsourcing platforms and freelancers this week in a panic after receiving notices from Google. Why?

As announced a while ago on the FortuneBuilders’ blog Google has been making new changes to hunt down those spamming the web with masses of junk, spun content and amassing tons of junk backlinks. Unfortunately there have been many real estate investing pros who have gotten themselves caught up in these practices, trying to take short cuts and attempting to fool Google.

Sometimes trying to go too cheap ends up costing far more in the long run and doesn’t even produce results. Now the operators of these real estate investing websites have to try to take down the hundreds or thousands of articles, blog posts and links they have out there and have paid to have written and submitted and pay for their removal. If they can’t get them down they won’t just be relegated to the search engine abyss, dozens of pages deep but will likely be de-indexed and banned. Plus of course then this means re-creating all content from scratch and losing months or years of lead time.

The search engines have made no secret of the fact that they are on a witch hunt and are at war with those who are trying to cheat the system.

Real estate investing pros cannot afford to underestimate the importance and value of high quality original content. If this means producing less of it then that is preferable to spinning unreadable copies of junk that has been posted 1,000 times already. However, content will continue to separate those who win a real estate investing and those who struggle. Posting daily and multiple times a day when it comes to social will make a huge difference in search engine rankings.

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