Real Estate ‘Buy of the Century’!

In what called the ‘buy of the century’, Internet domain name just sold for a tasty $8.25 million. Sorry, to all of those real estate investing companies who missed out but there are important lessons to be picked up here.

Online marketer, Market Leader swooped up the prized domain in a packaged that could have easily have been sold for far more. The deal actually included about 400 other domains, some of which are said to be able to fetch $25 million if sold off publicly. It is unclear exactly why seller, Lending Tree was willing to let this highly coveted domain go so cheaply but stocks of both companies were up after the announcement, in what was still a big deal for two relatively small companies.

For real estate investing companies this further highlights the importance and value of claiming a high quality and desirable domain name. There is plenty of money to be made flipping houses but if you could one day make 8 figures from some of your domain names too it certainly wouldn’t hurt. You might be in a rush to get your real estate investing business off the ground and get your website launched but choosing a good web domain name isn’t something that you should underestimate. In fact choosing the right domain name for your real estate investing business is something you should be doing at the same time you are registering your business name and toll free number so that you maintain a unified brand. Though of course you can’t really have too many domain names if they are good.

On this note you should also be registering your domain names for as long as possible both for SEO and so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to renew them. Similarly you shouldn’t overlook the importance of custom Facebook URLs either if you want to build a valuable real estate investing business.

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