Real Estate Education: 4 Critical Factors for Choosing Your Course

by Peter Jonnes

So you want to get into real estate investing? How do you choose the best real estate education course to ensure your success?

Here are 4 critical factors you want to consider…

1. Works Now

Yes, the shelves of the local bookstore are stacked with books on real estate investing and you can probably find a great deal on a 10 year old course on eBay but the industry and consumers have changed so fast that you need a program that is up to date and still works now. Even more important than just working is making sure that you are on the right side of the law. What was legal 7 years ago could get you a life sentence today.

2. Systems

You could pick up a hundred year old manuscript and find some great golden nuggets or even discover some great insight on real estate investing strategies others have used via blogs and attending investors’ groups. However, in order to bring it all together and actually, consistently invest profitably and be able to grow your investment business without falling into a financial nightmare it takes systems. It is effective systems and adherence to sound investment principals which has enabled the few to continue to invest through some of the ‘worst’ years in the housing market and come out on top. It makes all the difference and it gives you a proven step by step roadmap to achieving success.

3. Ongoing Support

There is so much to learn about real estate investing that it’s true even the most comprehensive courses can’t include every single detail. The best may give you everything you need to get going and start making money from real estate investing and even speed up your success but the odds are you will have questions down the road or want to take it to the next level. Does your source of real estate education provide access to ongoing support or coaching?

4. What are the Returns?

Perhaps the most important thing to ask before you even begin looking at real estate investing education options is “how successful do you want to be?”. Like the effort you put in to anything is directly related to the results received, often so is the investment you make in your education. There are some who might say they’d never even invest $1,000 in their education. Of course they will probably also be the ones asking you for $100 for gas or groceries when everything goes wrong for them down the road too. Yes, you can solicit advise from your local amateur real estate investing guru down the street who ‘appears’ to be doing well or buy that book on last night’s infomercial but why is it so cheap? Why are they selling themselves so short if it really packs so much value?

Best advice: find a system which is broken up into affordable and edible bites which you can grow into and will truly take you where you want to go.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies