Real Estate Education Lessons from Your Auto Mechanic

Want to shift your real estate investing game into high gear this year?

It may be the last place you’d expect to find real estate education lessons but there are several important lessons investors can pick up from car maintenance.

The first is one you are probably already asking yourself. Why or what could you possibly learn from your local auto mechanic about building a winning real estate investment business? Besides gaining a new perspective and a little market research you are obviously much better off getting your real estate education from someone who has proven to be successful at investing in real estate.

Similarly taking your car to the mechanic isn’t something anyone enjoys much, primarily because it is so hard to find someone you can trust. Once you do, you never want to go anywhere else. The same goes for real estate education. There are so many real estate investing ‘gurus’ out there today spouting their own brand of advice but few really have proven themselves or can back up their strategies with real results.

Anyone who has ever put off fixing their vehicle until something actually goes wrong has also learnt some powerful lessons about the value of proactive maintenance. It costs a lot less to make the smart moves upfront rather than waiting until you are in a wreck on the side of the highway to try and correct it.

This is why many clearly prefer to lease new vehicles which are in great shape, have smooth running systems and often include all ongoing maintenance, like the advantages real estate coaching can offer. Think about this as the difference between picking up a used vehicle or outdated real estate investing book from an unproven author versus picking up a brand new BMW.

Which would you be more confident in driving? So why would you put your future in an unproven real estate investing strategy or program?

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