Real Estate Investing Companies: Are You Neglecting Your Most Valuable Asset

When it comes to real estate investing most investors and business owners would automatically say that their capital is their most valuable asset but that isn’t likely what entrepreneur Richard Branson would tell you.

In repeated interviews Richard Branson has credited the incredible success of his many brands to his employees. For him they make all the difference and they should be one of your most valuable assets too. If not, it is likely that you either haven’t been doing your best at hiring for your real estate investing company or you haven’t truly empowered them to do their best work.

Hiring right is essential no matter whether it is for a $1 an hour VA, a top gun phone pro, a pretty face to show your properties or a writer to weave magic into your content. However, the first critical mistake that most owners of real estate investing companies make is not just putting the wrong people in the wrong places but completely overlooking the need to get new hires on board with the company mission and vision. Only if they understand what it is you are trying to achieve on a larger scale and commit to it can they really help you achieve it.

This is more valuable to you than you think and for your team members. For most being a part of building something great is worth a lot more than a few extra dollars in their paycheck, meaning that they are more likely to remain loyal, put in the overtime and keep on working for less than longer.

Next you need to truly empower your staff to be their best and to make your real estate investing company the best. Hire great people, ensure they are on the right page and enable them to make the small decisions, based on their expertise which will take more of the load off of you, create a better customer experience and reap more results. This could be coming up with topics for your blog, making an expectation for a tenant, finding a new way to organize your data or trying out a new tweak on your marketing.

They will feel valued, they will do a better job, your brand will benefit and your profits from real estate investing will rise.

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