Real Estate Investing Market Spotlight: Coral Gables, FL

It is true that there are amazing real estate investing deals to be found in every part of the country but to highlight just how well many housing markets in the US are really doing let’s take a look at Coral Gables, FL.

For those who have never been to Coral Gables, this south Miami haven is a leafy suburb, home to the University of Miami and a top choice of international business people who prefer a more refined way of life while being within easy reach of the vibrant South Beach and downtown Miami. Foreclosure condos can be found here for less than $100,000, while extravagent waterfront estates go for upwards of $25 million presenting a great opening for real estate investing companies to get in and flip houses.

The current average listing price in Coral Gables is just shy of $1.5 million and the median sales price has jumped up $91,150 or 26.8% year over year. In fact all the numbers look promising, with the average price per square foot up 27.9% and the number of sales up 12.9% since last year.

Even more promising is that major real estate investing in development continues here. There are currently a number of commercial and residential properites being planned and built with over $250 million being invested.

You may have missed the bottom of the market here but there are still plenty of great real estate investing opportunities. Or take a closer look at the real numbers in your own area and see which neighborhoods are lined up to produce the biggest returns over the next few months and years. Just as importantly, keep spreading the good news about how much healthier the housing market is than most people think.