Real Estate Investing: Pyramid of Success

A good way to build a profitable real estate investing business is to look at it like building a pyramid. A pyramid of success!

Of course no structure can last unless it is built on a strong foundation. Any successful real estate investing business must start with a solid foundation of a good real estate investing education. This doesn’t mean that you must attend years of real estate investing learning in college, but it does mean that you should seek out a comprehensive real estate investing course that is up to date and teaches you practical tips for navigating the world of real estate investment.

After getting some good real estate education the first and most important building block you need to add to your business is marketing. This is the lifeblood of your business, and without developing your marketing and having a marketing plan you cannot expect to buy or sell many homes. A good real estate education course will give you a jump start on your marketing and inform you about the most effective marketing methods for your business. Then it is time to get up and start testing these real estate investing strategies for yourself.

Hopefully, your real estate investing course taught you about wholesaling as this the next building block in your pyramid of successful real estate investing. Wholesaling, aka flipping homes, is a great way to begin to build profits and further capital quickly. In fact, flipping houses should always remain one of your core tools for successful real estate investing. If you become good at wholesaling, you can easily make money at anytime and often without any risk or capital.

Your real estate education course should also have taught you that while wholesaling homes means fast cash, rehabbing can offer much bigger profits per deal. Finally, add the finishing touches by creating a system and team to maintain your pyramid of success.