Rehabbing & Marketing: Time to Zombie Proof Your Homes?

Are there big profits for real estate investors who ‘zombie proof’ their homes?

While an all-out zombie apocalypse may not be on the radar reports of real life ‘zombie’ style attacks are on the rise and San Diego real estate investing pros are about to experience hoards of the walking dead on their doorstep as Comic-Con 2012 descends on the city.

This creates two real niches for real estate investing which could be incredibly profitable…

For rehabbers safety and security is becoming more and more of an issue and concern which home buyers are factoring into their buying decisions. Panic rooms and advanced security systems could prove to be incredibly valuable when included in rehabbing projects. Homes with features like these can easily stand out as the superior option, especially among luxury home buyers for whom money is no object and privacy and security are primary concerns. Plus, when highlighted in marketing efforts they can also help to grab attention and even encourage more sharing and press coverage.

Even if building a zombie proof bunker into the homes you are flipping isn’t within your budget it could be an optional upgrade.

Even those in real estate investing who are not getting their hands dirty with rehabbing can cash in on zombie mania with clever marketing pieces, perhaps attending Comic-Con 2012 to do some alternative networking or even host a few wild, zombie themed open houses.

Not into zombies? That’s fine, the point is looking for hot trends to capitalize on either physically or through your real estate marketing. Do you know what the hottest Twitter trends are today, which search terms received the most volume on Google last month and what is really most important to home buyers (besides price) today?