Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Rental Property Bootcamp

Our Rental Property Bootcamp is a revealing, two-day event taught by Paul Shively, head of the Passive Income Club, and rental property experts from his team. Here, you’ll learn how to implement the same successful systems that our team of executive investors use to purchase their passive income properties, build their own personal rental property portfolios, set benchmarks for their future investment opportunities, and find properties that produce high-earning, monthly passive income.

Paul will also walk you through how he and his team evaluate target markets for rental properties, as well as how they identify the absolute best property managers to make the experience as hands-off as possible. Learning how to evaluate specific deals, as well as how to use FortuneBuilders’ own set of purchase criteria, will ensure your rental properties meet the same A+ standard they subscribe to and, as such, can greatly improve the likelihood of you enjoying similar success.

By implementing the techniques taught in this program, you will ensure your rental properties meet the same high standards Than, Paul, and JD impose on themselves and greatly improve the likelihood that you will enjoy similar success.

Exclusive Event

This event is reserved for our registered coaching students.

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Over the course of the 2-Day Bootcamp you will learn:

  • How to target ideal markets for rental properties
  • Tips for finding highly qualified property managers
  • A working knowledge of our team’s highly effective purchase criteria
  • How to evaluate rental properties to achieve your monthly cash flow goals
  • Case studies of actual properties Than, Paul, and JD have in their rental
  • The best financing options available to purchase rental properties