REO & Short Sale Bootcamp

JD Esajian is joined by Short Sale Superstar Bob LaChance (who has done over 700 short sales!!) and get ready to tap into the foreclosure goldmine! If you’re an investor looking to dominate in today’s market and explode your income this year, you must become an absolute expert in SHORT SALES! The potential profits are unlimited! Foreclosures are at an all time high, which means MORE MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU! A short sale can be done on any type of pre-foreclosure property, in any condition. In fact, ugly houses that are about to fall apart or are in need of major renovations are likely to make you the MOST PROFITS! Lenders will give you bigger discounts if they see the house is going to be difficult to sell in its current condition! If you haven’t already jumped into the short sale game or want to learn how to dominate your local market, this is the event for you!

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Day 1: Marketing for Huge Profits in Pre-Foreclosures

  • Top Online Strategies For Generating Motivated Seller Leads
  • Building Your Marketing Plan So You Never Have To Worry Where Your Next Deal Is Coming From
  • How To Pre-Screen all Pre-Foreclosure Leads
  • Walk You Through A Deal Evaluation Process So You Can Properly Value Any Property Even In A Fluctuating Or Declining Market

Day 2: REO Insiders Secrets

  • We Will Break Down The REO Process And Understand The Insiders Secrets The Banks Don’t Want You To Know.
  • We Will Share The Strategies Of Identifying The Top Agents, How To Communicate, And Enroll Them In Your Business To Make You Money On Opportunities That Haven’t Even Hit The MLS.
  • Teach You How To Find Both Retail and Wholesale buyers
  • You Will Learn How To Control The Buyer As You Negotiate, Process And Structure The Liquidation Of The Deal
  • We Will Be Going Through A Very Detailed Outline of The Double Closing Process Once The Bank Has Accepted Your Short Sale Deal.

Day 3: REO & Short Sale Systems to Double Your Profits

  • The Realtor Referral System: How To Find The Top Performing Realtors In Your Area And Get Them To Send You ALL Of Their Leads.
  • The Advanced Realtor Referral System: How To Give Effective Powerpoint Presentations To Groups Of Realtors At Their Offices To Generate Massive Leads.
  • Effective Direct Mail Strategies: How To Find The Best Lists, Which Direct Mail Pieces Have The Highest Response Rates, And How To Beat Your Competition To The Punch
  • Other Offline Techniques We Will Be Teaching: Building Relationships With Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys, Other Investors Who Don’t Do Short Sales, Voice Blasts, Bandit Signs
  • Online Marketing Techniques: Videos, Blogs, Online Classified Ads, And PPC campaigns. How To Dominate Pre-Foreclosure Related Keywords To Generate Consistent Pre-Foreclosure Leads