How to Run A $50k Giveaway Without Paying A Penny

How can real estate investing companies use huge giveaways to lure in lots of leads without going broke?

Giveaways can be a great way to get attendees out to a networking event. They can find new referral partners, draw web traffic, bring in prospects to a seminar, create a buzz, raise brand positioning or even generate direct real estate investing leads. However, organizing a significant enough prize can seem like a huge challenge for many real estate investors today.

Ebooks have become a popular giveaway on the web in exchange for contact information. Unfortunately, consumers have become so immune to advertising and resistant to giving out their information that many companies in various industries have found that even the chance to win $500 or receiving a discount coupon isn’t enough motivation to get consumers to hand over email addresses today.

So how can real estate investing companies come up with a lure that is actually successful at motivating people to pick up the phone or come out to meet them?

Clearly not just any old giveaway will work…

What if you offered the chance to win $50,000?

Sure, that might do the trick. You’d probably even line up yourself, but how can you afford to do it? More importantly, how can you do it without a penny coming out of you own pocket?

Even if you had the cash to throw away, it might be tough to guarantee the results of such a campaign upfront.

One solution is to collaborate and get sponsors. Philanthropy is a great way to gain sponsors. You could get 50 businesses to put up $1,000 each. Still, that might be a push for many.

How about using goods or services instead of cash. You can still promote a ‘$50k’ giveaway, and it’s still a significant figure. Service campaigns costs some organizations nothing, and can actually easily earn for them. Magazine publications and websites give away ad space and authors give out copies of books to generate interest.

In fact, giant retailer Costco, recently pulled off a similar deal, putting up over 30,000 items on the line for a giveaway. Those thirty thousand items included thousands of sheets or toilet paper and ounces of liquid.

What creative giveaways can you come up with? How about offering to pay their mortgage for 6 months?

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