The Secret to Selling More Homes in Summer

What’s the main difference about marketing homes during the busy summer season than the rest of the year?

The biggest difference is kids. Those who wait until summer to sell and buy homes during the summer normally do so because of changing schools. This means many buyers cruising for homes to buy are going to have children in tow. Kids can make or break a deal in seconds. If the kids hate the house you are pretty much done, if they love it and it is at least close to fitting the budget it could be a slam dunk on the spot, especially with the pressure of other buyers snooping around at the same time.

So the secret to flipping more homes this summer? Get the kids to love it. This shouldn’t be too hard. Kids usually hate being dragged around in the car for hours on hot days, especially toddlers and those who are finally on a break from school.

Having details on local schools can help win the parents but highlighting the local attractions and things to do for kids can go a lot further. Incorporate this into your fliers. Are their mini golf courses, paintball, waterparks, fishing or a Chuck E. Cheese nearby?

What can investors do to stage the homes they are flipping to create instant magnetism? Turn open houses into mini fun fairs. A bounce house in the front will have all the kids pulling their parents in. What about a snow cone machine and face painting? Or perhaps staging the house with swings in the back yard, or a club house or setting up a video game system with large screen TV inside is all you need to seal the deal. Watch their parents try to drag them out then.


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