David Medina Wholesale Deal


David Medina Wholesale Deal

Leo Minor Property Group LLC. in -Milford, NH
David Medina with David Medina, Szadrii Medina, Bud Philbrick & Jovanni Philbrick

Leo Minor Property Group LLC closed a wholesale deal today ! Homeowner was very pleased and happy at the fact that we had the property under contract on Friday November 17, 2017 had an open house that Saturday for other investors sold our rights to the property that same day and was able to close today November 22, 2017. Homeowner was very happy and shocked that we were able to make it happen for him as he wanted to close December 5, 2017 or sooner and we made it just before Thanksgiving Day. We are happy we had a satisfied customer and now he’s excited to spend thanksgiving with his family and not worry about this property anymore ! - The LMPG Team

Wholesale Details

Property City: Nashua
Property State: NH
Purchase Price: $135,000
Repair Costs $30,000
Holding Costs: $3,307
Sale Price: $145,000

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