Suzanne Griffiths Wholesale Deal


Suzanne Griffiths Wholesale Deal

45 North Investment Properties, LLC in Woodbury, MN
Suzanne Griffiths with Gary Griffiths,Nicholas Anderson

The lead for this property was brought to us by one of our contractors. A friend of theirs had inherited a house in one of our favorite neighborhoods. They lived out of state and wanted to sell the home. The seller had been talking to a neighbor about purchasing the home but the neighbor was wishy-washy and wouldn\'t commit. We contacted them right away, did a walkthrough of the property, ran our numbers and decided to put an offer in on the property. Our offer was accepted. Once it was accepted we looked at our current workload and decided that wholesaling the property would be a better option for us. We reached out to our local FortuneBuilder’s community to give them the first shot at purchasing the property. Several people were interested in this property so we did some walkthrough\'s and after a little negotiation successfully assigned the contract.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Saint Paul
Property State: MN
Purchase Price: $220,000
Sale Price: $232,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We had built good rapport with our contractor and they brought us the deal. We analyzed the purchase with multiple exit strategies so that we had multiple options available to us.