James (Brad) Larsen Rehab Deal


James (Brad) Larsen Rehab Deal

Property Conversions LLC in Eugene, OR
James (Brad) Larsen with Sandra Larsen

This property owner called us from our Craigslist ads. They were afraid of their lender foreclosing on them as they were about 6 months behind on payments. We made them an offer using Subject-to financing and said we had the flexibility to allow them time to move after closing when they would receive a large portion of their equity. By working with a local attorney, we closed on the deal that included a significant holdback and allowed them 4 weeks to move. They thanked us for buying their house and helping them avoid foreclosure, and their mortgage was reinstated to save their credit record!

Rehab Details

Property City: Eugene
Property State: OR
Purchase Price: $238,400
Repair Costs $38,000
Sale Price: $342,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

Before I joined FortuneBuilders, I had no idea how to market for houses using Craigslist, or what \"Subject-to\" meant. FortuneBuilders got me started with Craigslist marketing (which is free!) before starting other marketing that cost money and coached me through it all. And by going to Bootcamps and attending webinars, I knew that I could make an offer using Subject-to financing and that I\'d have the coaching resources I needed to figure it out as I went.

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