David Nnadi Wholesale Deal


David Nnadi Wholesale Deal

Lasting Legacy Homes in Charlotte, NC
David Nnadi with Stella Nnadi

Bad rehab experience with contractor flipped into 2 wholesaling wins! Our first ever rehabs were going to be 2 next door bungalows that needed a lot of work. We were in a bind ultimately because we let the FB systems bend a little bit with how we managed our contractor. When our coaches tirelessly repeat follow the systems, they don\'t mean 99%, but 100%! Luckily for us, we started out with the best team in real estate, Fortune Builders, and followed the contract systems and were taught to always plan multiple EXIT STRATEGIES! What should have been a disastrous ending for our 2 simultaneous rehabs became our first wholesale deals and the experience gained from it is PRICELESS.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Charlotte
Property State: NC
Purchase Price: $385,000
Repair Costs $121,500
Sale Price: $635,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

Contract systems were the single biggest reason we\'re going to be successful in this first deal. Also, even though we didn\'t fully understand the concept of planning out multiple exit strategies for every deal, being in the training made us aware and comfortable to move to the next exit strategy when the first one looked like it wasn\'t going to end well.