Charles Henley Wholesale Deal


Charles Henley Wholesale Deal

Source Property Group LLC in Franklin, TN

This property was a referral. I contacted the owner and set a meeting to do an initial inspection. The owners were not living in the house at the time and lived in Georgia. When I met with the owner, he told me the local housing authority was buying all the houses they could in this neighborhood, but they haven\'t approached him yet. I made him an offer and in a couple of days he called and accepted. After securing the purchase agreement I went to the local housing authority and asked if they\'d be interested in the home. Immediately they said yes and would like for their maintenance director to look at it. Long story short, and after a couple weeks negotiating and not doing anything to rehab it, they agreed to purchase. I purchased the home on Nov 9, 2018, and sold and closed it the new buyer on Dec 10, 2018.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Dickson
Property State: TN
Purchase Price: $60,000
Sale Price: $77,000

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Case Study

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This was a true flip, having zero dollars put into it for any rehab, sitting on it for a month till closing with the new buyer. There wasn\'t any need to consult the team.