Tammy Weinzatl Rehab Deal


Tammy Weinzatl Rehab Deal

NobleEagle Property Solutions LLC in Portsmouth, VA
Tammy Weinzatl with Daniel Burke; Britt Johnson

This property was purchased for $59K via HUD and was funded entirely by NobleEagle Property Solutions LLC. The property was in significant disrepair with years of neglect, which included exterior issues such as loose and crumbling front steps, damaged siding, vegetation overgrowth including large limbs resting on the roof and cracked foundation beams. The interior had water damaged ceilings and walls, mold, damaged cabinetry, and extensive dirt and grime. We designed renovations, coordinated trade sub-contractors, and participated in completing repairs and upgrades. We repaired and retexturized the plaster and drywall ceilings and walls, repaired and repainted the cedar shake exterior, added a new roof, new HAVC, restored the back deck, raised the garage and upgraded the landscaping. We also added a new tankless water heater. The staircase as redirected from the hall into the dining area and we were able to create a first-floor master suite. We opened the wall for an open concept feel between the kitchen and dining/living area as well. Barn door entries were installed for the master suite and laundry room. The 1940\'s craftsmanship was maintained in the home by refinishing the original doors and trim, and the original front door. Three glass panes on the front door were replaced with custom stained glass panels. Full renovations and unique touches resulted in a beautiful and charming Cape Cod single family home.

Rehab Details

Property City: Portsmouth
Property State: VA
Purchase Price: $60,172
Repair Costs $79,150
Sale Price: $210,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We utilized the FortuneBuilder Deal Analyzer to determine repairs. Additionally, our Inner Circle Coach mentored us through several challenges, and we also utilized the assistance of field coaches. During this time we also continued our education buy attending FortuneBuilders Bootcamps and the online curriculum.

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