Michele Williams Rehab Deal


Michele Williams Rehab Deal

Greenheart Holdings, LLC in Lake Peekskill, NY
Michele Williams with Leomi Wright

This multi-unit property (2 apartments) was owned by the City Of Newburgh. We found it on their website. Although the outside was in bad shape, the inside seemed remarkably decent. We bought it for $3000...yes $3000! We love historic homes and this one had a lot of charm in it. It still had the fireplace structures and the hardwood planked floors. We did a complete makeover on the outside and inside of the house. We found out that the foundation at the back of the house was not secure a few months in. We called in an engineer and he gave us the instructions for securing the foundation. Although we had that bump, we continued to work on the house. We opened it up a bit by moving some walls and relocating our newly redone bathrooms and making the new kitchens the focal point. We put in a new heating and electric systems, some new windows, flooring, we did some roofing repair and redid the front porch. We painted everything from the outside of the house to the inside. To build the excitement of the newly redone home, we held a house naming ceremony and revealed the name which is now on a plaque on the outside of the building. THE AMANI HOUSE. AMANI means PEACE in Swahili. It\'s on a block that is on the rise and now welcomes peace in the neighborhood. We got an offer on the house in less than 2 months. We put about $80,000 of work in the house. It sold for $196,000.

Rehab Details

Property City: Newburgh
Property State: NY
Purchase Price: $3,000
Repair Costs $80,000
Sale Price: $196,000

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