Tom Stamp Rehab Deal


Tom Stamp Rehab Deal

Currahee Property Solutions LLC in Cibolo, TX

We initially loaned money to another investor to renovate this property, but the other investor proved incapable and was not performing. The property was headed to foreclosure. In order to save the money we had invested, we exercised a clause in our 2nd lien deed of trust that required the other investor to sign the deed over to us if we caught up the late payments with the 1st lien holder. Once we acquired the property, we developed a renovation plan that increased the living square footage, added a living room, added a true master suite, added a couple of wood decks front and back, and changed the front facade of the house. The property was contracted for sale before the renovation was completed and it became the highest priced property sold to date in the neighborhood it’s located in.

Rehab Details

Property City: San Antonio
Property State: TX
Purchase Price: $115,000
Repair Costs $89,500
Sale Price: $229,800

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Case Study

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