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I am especially excited to be posting this win on the FB Wins because this makes deal number 30! This was a very unconventional 8 unit apartment complex that was listed for sale on Craigslist. I called and met with the owner the next day because I knew this deal was not going to last long. The owner was asking $180,000, but he was very motivated to sell, so I negotiated the price down to $128,000. Some of the repairs that were needed had already been done by the owner. I did not do any repairs. Two things made this property unique. 1. It was an old roadside motel that had been converted into 7 one bedroom, one bath apartments. The 8th unit was converted into a laundry area. 2. I worked with a local realtor to find a buyer for this property, I used the money from this buyer's purchase to fund the deal at closing.

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I cannot say this enough. The FortuneBuilders training and continuing education teach you to recognize a good deal when you see one. It also teaches you techniques on WHERE to find deals and HOW to negotiate them once you do find them.