Jerry Britt Rehab Deal


Jerry Britt Rehab Deal

365 Property Partners in Tampa, FL

We were the only people that looked at this house. An elderly lady has passed away. Her son is a commercial Realtor. The Grandson who’s a residential realtor does not deal in investment homes much, but another Realtor in his office does. I’ve purchased a property through her before. He mentioned that his Grandma's house needed to be sold to this Realtor and she got me in the house that afternoon. I bought it on that first visit. It took a little longer to have a fully executed contract because there were 5 children involved but we had a deal right then. This was the nicest old home we’ve ever rehabbed. Grandma kept a nice clean house, and her kitchen was the loveliest 50s kitchen. It was the nicest kitchen we have ever demoed. Some houses bring you joy when you demolish them. This one brought a little sadness to see such a nice, but oh so dated, home gutted and rebuilt. She kept a nice well-manicured lawn, too. Look at the Before and After Pictures of the front. We did paint the trim and update the mulch.

Rehab Details

Property City: Tampa
Purchase Price: $195,000
Repair Costs $58,820
Sale Price: $327,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

FortuneBuilders is the reason that 6 years ago I had no idea how to value a house, or a repair, or how to describe what I needed to be repaired and now my contractors say that we give them the best Scope of Work they have ever had. Because of the FortuneBuilders system, we are a well-respected organization here in the Tampa Bay area. Well respected by contractors and also so well respected in the Realtor community that Realtors sell us their probate homes. It is quite an honor to be the only one to look at a house that we did not market to. That means they thought of us first and they trusted our offer enough that they didn't shop it around. We’ve worked to earn that respect and carry on the honor that we already had in our lives, and were encouraged to use in our business practices through the FortuneBuilder Mastery Program.

Before & After Photos