Kimberly Fazekas Wholesale Deal


Kimberly Fazekas Wholesale Deal

Oakwood Home Solutions, LLC in Bangor, PA

I found this deal via Bandit Sign. My first marketing campaign was to hang Bandit Signs around Bangor, Pa to get my name out in the area. Another investor contacted me by one of my “Kim Buys Houses” signs and asked me to do a joint venture in a wholesale deal and to help her find a buyer for a property that she had under contract for $20K. The deal consisted of a mobile home “fixer-upper” on 2 acres of land. Zero repairs were done to the property prior to it selling because the cost would have outweighed the better decision to just replace the mobile home with a new one. We marketed this property through direct mail, and online. I hung a few more flyers around town advertising a “mobile home fixer-upper on 2 acres for $37K”. Our buyer saw one of my flyers inside the hardware store downtown on the community ad board and called me that day with his offer of $32K. We met the buyer in the middle and sold the deal priced at the worth of the land for $34,500. My joint venture partner and I split the profit 50%. Lesson learned... bandit signs work!

Wholesale Details

Property City: Bangor
Purchase Price: $20,000
Sale Price: $34,500

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

My coach Christy Duckett-Harris helped me from beginning to end through this deal, going back and forth with me on how to speak with this new joint venture partner I acquired. She walked me through contracts, and appropriate questions to ask, and always encouraged me to reach out if i needed help. I also followed Than’s tutorial on bandit sign campaigns through the core curriculum.