Robert Vazquez Rehab Deal


Robert Vazquez Rehab Deal

Realty Master & Associates in Ontario, CA
Robert Vazquez with Jan Helsel/ Joe Fusco

We started researching for wholesalers and talking to hard money lenders and also utilized the deal analyzer. We completed a full rehab on the house, everything inside the house was replaced which included a new kitchen, flooring, bathrooms, sliding doors and paint inside and out. We did the final walk-thru with a contractor and made sure everything was completed according to the scope of work. We didn’t experience any big problems while completing the rehab and we’re shocked our first deal went so smoothly. The house was put on the market and we received several offers before it was sold.

Rehab Details

Property City: Ontario
Purchase Price: $367,098
Repair Costs $43,000
Holding Costs: $30,902
Sale Price: $490,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We submitted our deals to be reviewed by the FortuneBuilders team/coaches. Based on their input and guidance on what to look for and what to expect. It helped our team to move forward. We used many of the forms/spreadsheets in the mastery program for the rehab. We didn’t have any big problems with the rehab. It was kind of shocking that our first deal went smoothly. Small adjustments were made to the rehab, like replacing an outside door/frame because of termites. We’re now working on our next deal and with the guidance of FortuneBuilders and hoping for the same outcome.

Before & After Photos