John Cotner Wholesale Deal


John Cotner Wholesale Deal

Resourced Property Solutions, LLC in Tampa, FL
John Cotner with Khisha Cotner, Cameron Gallman

We used local foreclosure leads from our programs to identify that the property was in foreclosure and called on it using our call center associates. We scheduled a walkthrough of the house with the client and attempted a few different strategies that would assist him in keeping the home. After identifying that he would be unable to keep the home, we focused on helping him and his family by providing support for the move and building relationships with the storage company to discount the cost while also paying for the storage unit for six months. We focus on providing solutions for the client, and we enjoy the fact that we assisted this individual and his family avoid the foreclosure process. We also assisted the investors that purchase the property from us to sell the property to their buyer. GREAT WORK FROM THE WHOLE TEAM!!

Wholesale Details

Property City: Tampa
Purchase Price: $142,193
Sale Price: $163,000

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Working with Brynn was a total success with the deal. She has been, by far, one of the most influential individuals responsible for assisting us with our accomplishments.