Bryan Martin Wholesale Deal


Bryan Martin Wholesale Deal

New Generation Properties, LLC in Altadena, CA
Bryan Martin with Angela Martin

We found this deal through driving for dollars with a direct mail follow up campaign. The seller contacted me after receiving my letter. My wife and I came out to look at his property, did our repair estimator, and gave him our offer. He and his wife said that we seemed like trustworthy, honest people and that our offer seemed fair. They accepted. Their daughter-in-law is currently living in the home and has until December 27th to vacate. Our closing date is on January 3, 2020. My assignee is my business partner in my commercial real estate business, and he wants to learn how to buy all my projects going forward. He likes where we both make money. He has big pockets.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Altadena
Purchase Price: $460,000
Repair Costs $90,000
Sale Price: $475,000

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