Tracy Taltoan Rehab Deal


Tracy Taltoan Rehab Deal

TrueMac Homes in Harrisburg, PA

This was my 2nd deal, I purchased this deal at a tax sale. My real estate experience really paid off knowing how to research the property background, knowing your market and the knowledge that I received from FortuneBuilder is a win-win situation. Knowing how to estimate repairs, the 6 critical documents and knowing how to do a scope of work along with the materials sheet and some self-confidence is all you need. I could go on and on about all the support you get from the FortuneBuilder Family. However, I just want to say Thank you for all that you do FortuneBuilders, you really changed my life.

Rehab Details

Property City: Harrisburg
Purchase Price: $11,000
Repair Costs $30,000
Holding Costs: $8,000
Sale Price: $99,500

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