Jaymarr Sparrow Wholesale Deal


Jaymarr Sparrow Wholesale Deal

Grand Harbor Estates LLC in Baltimore, MD
Jaymarr Sparrow with Christiana Sparrow

This was a wholesale deal we acquired while helping an elderly neighbor move furniture. She expressed her need to relocate to a new home within 30 days. She was unsure how they could sell their home which required major repairs. We discussed that we have systems in place and extensive training to assist homeowners in her exact situation. That afternoon we walked the property and completed the repair estimator. After assessing the property we made an offer the same day, found a cash buyer the following week and closed on the property all within exactly 30 days. We were able to meet the seller’s timeline and provide a smooth transition for a nervous homeowner who had been in the property for 20 years, and was happy to move forward into their new home!

Wholesale Details

Property City: Baltimore
Purchase Price: $75,000
Sale Price: $85,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

Our team relied on our training and documents provided by FortuneBuilders. We remained firm on our numbers and trusted the systems we learned and put into action. The easy access to the FortuneBuilder resources such as the wholesale assignment contracts and the detailed Wholesale Checklist allowed us to react quickly to get the deal under contract and continue to market for a cash buyer.