Fernanda Rojas Rehab Deal


Fernanda Rojas Rehab Deal

360 Property Group in Austin, TX
Fernanda Rojas with Carlos Rojas

We found this deal on the MLS, we sent it over to our agent and he told us that it was a probate. It had 10 offers on it and our was the lowest offer! However because we were able to implement everything that we have learned through FB and NEGOTIATE we were able to get them to accept our offer! We came in and remodeled the kitchen and both bathrooms, one of those was a Jack and Jill bathroom so we got rid of that. We also added all new flooring and tile throughout the house. One thing that was unique was that one side of the garage was used to extend and existing bedroom so we also turned the garage back into a regular garage and made the room its original size. The exterior got new paint, we also replaced some siding and all doors and windows were replaced! Overall it was a great project, definitely taught us a lot & were able to top the market with this one, sense we had no comps!

Rehab Details

Property City: Austin
Purchase Price: $130
Repair Costs $60
Holding Costs: $193
Sale Price: $255

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We has several coaching calls on how to get leads from MLS, also coach David gave us the idea to look into probates because not a lot of people like to deal with them, and it worked! Sense we did not have any comps fo 2/2 in the area we were able to use Realeflow to find some comps and help out with our appraisal which was huge!

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