Jack `Pinard Rehab Deal


Jack `Pinard Rehab Deal

Summit RE Group LLC in Chelmsford, MA
Jack `Pinard with Dawn Theberge

This deal originally came from a realtor that I met through the system outreach I learned in Fortune Builders. These systems were put in place with the great coaching help from Alex and Kathy Schuck with contributions from other coaches as well. This was an REO property. We ended up renovating almost everything in the house. It had been vacant for more than 2 years and the plumbing had been winterized very poorly. So drywall in virtually all the rooms had to be opened to repair small cracks in pipes. We opened up a crowded kitchen, replaced all 3 bathrooms, put in over 1200 sqft of hardwood flooring, and even removed an underground swimming pool, the last owner had been using it to burn his yard trash!

Rehab Details

Property City: Chelmsford
Purchase Price: $330,000
Repair Costs $103,450
Holding Costs: $51,800
Sale Price: $560,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

More than anything else - I knew the Fortune Builders team was only a call away. This gave me the confidence to push forward and find the deal then make the offer so we could get down to business.

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