Matt Simonton Rental Deal


Matt Simonton Rental Deal

J&M Legacy Properties in Monroe, LA
Matt Simonton with Jennifer Simonton

This lead was discovered using marketing strategies during the Internet Quickstart Academy Bootcamp in New Orleans. The deal includes a package of 5 rental SFHs fully occupied from a landlord that's ready to downsize his portfolio as he approaches full retirement. The purchase price was 52% of the appraised value. With the available equity, the seller "gifted" one property, which served as collateral, contingent on the purchase of the other four properties. No money out of pocket for the purchase/closing cost and I received a check of $6700 at closing.

Rental Details

Property City: Monroe
Purchase Price: $300,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

IQA and Brian Fine introduced me to marketing strategies that generated loads of leads, and my weekly coach, Bob Reed, was very beneficial in helping me explore creative financing options after we evaluated the deal.