Carlos Avalos Rehab Deal


Carlos Avalos Rehab Deal

NexGen Home Solutions in Clinton , MD
Carlos Avalos with Steven Avalos

Purchased the deal at foreclosure Auction. We found the deal on the newspaper. We were able to fund the deal through a equity line of credit. This was a full gut rehab replacing everything from electrical to plumbing, new kitchen, roof, and windows, added an extra bathroom on the second level making it 3 bed 2 bathhouse. This was a unique property that had no curve appeal it looked like a box not a house. It also came with an RV that was left abandoned on the property after fixing the title on it we are currently rehabbing just an extra bonus!

Rehab Details

Property City: Clinton
Purchase Price: $138,000
Repair Costs $75,350
Holding Costs: $41,034
Sale Price: $301,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

Steven really put all his heart into this project as it was very challenging as we apply the system learning a new way to operate changing the way we think. Going back to do things the old way firing two contractors for failing to deliver on time Steven end up taking the role of GC and delivering the project 100% completed a bit behind schedule but we made it. After learning from the systems in the rehab curriculum, group coaching, the Facebook group, and ideas we got from the Rehab Bootcamp we added curb appeal to the house by relocating the main entrance to the front of the house. We can't thank FortuneBuilders enough for the community and for genuine support.

Before & After Photos