Anthony Hirschel Rental Deal


Anthony Hirschel Rental Deal

Promesso Properties, LLC in Plainfield, IL
Anthony Hirschel with Amy J Hirschel

Deal suggested to us by one of our buyer's agents. He was also the listing agent and knew this property had the potential for us. The property was in good condition, just needed cosmetic attention, i.e. paint, new flooring, minor repairs throughout. Property is half of a duplex but, unlike the others, is adjacent to a winding, tree-lined path. Near schools and stores. Friendly neighborhood. The property had multiple applicants the first weekend it was available; ultimately had a bidding war offering to pay more than the rent asked.

Rental Details

Property City: Plainfield
Purchase Price: $178,500

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We followed the systems and rejected other properties that just weren't going to provide meaningful cash flow. Coaching and all the training resources helped us know immediately that this was a perfect property to us, allowing us to bid with confidence. There were other buyers, but FortuneBuilder's strategies allowed us to come away with the property. We would never have taken the leap without FortuneBuilders and couldn't be happier with how things went. We were ready immediately to find another one!