Nicole Zoellner Rehab Deal


Nicole Zoellner Rehab Deal

JNT Property Solutions, LLC in Arvada, CO
Nicole Zoellner with Tony and June

We found our deal through an experienced wholesaler in the Denver area. He was contacted by a Real Estate agent when the first offer fell through. We were able to close within three weeks. This case was unique because it was a probate case; the seller was the mother of the deceased and was very emotional about the home. She was grateful that we could close quickly and we kept in touch with her and allowed her to come in when it was finished, which she appreciated. We funded the deal with a local hard money lender. This property is a 1951 bungalow and everything needed to be replaced, down to the plumbing. However, we struck gold when we found out all of the floors had the original hardwood (even under the laminate in the kitchen); they were beautiful once re-finished. We tried to stick true to the era by keeping the bathtub and glazing it to restore it to the original glory.

Rehab Details

Property City: Arvada
Purchase Price: $259,000
Repair Costs $45,070
Holding Costs: $49,462
Sale Price: $369,000

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