Stephen Cannon Rental Deal


Stephen Cannon Rental Deal

Priest Lake Builders LLC in Birmingham, AL
Stephen Cannon with Vikki Tatum

We want to thank everyone that helped us get to this point CAW! This is our first deal and it started as a rehab then turned into a rental. A realtor in Nashville introduced me to a contractor in Alabama. We funded the deal with our own money at first/then a private lender to finish. We did a full gut from roof to foundation & front to back. I had no idea this was all new to us & a very valuable learning experience. We had a lot of obstacles and setbacks where we had to find "resilient strategies" that were outside the norm to finish. I believe in helping others & doing/completing what you say is paramount to me. We had another FortuneBuilders student help get us to this point. Thank you, FB !! The uniqueness of this first deal was figuring out resilient strategies as every dead-end/setback arouse to get to the finish line..

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David Barnes was our initial mentor thanks, sir. It took me a while to understand the systems & still learning, follow the systems & processes it's not going to be easy. You have to put in your own work. Being able to have access to FB resources helped a great deal thanks FB.