Gerald Spence Wholesale Deal


Gerald Spence Wholesale Deal

GEM Housing Solutions LLC in Oxnard, CA
Gerald Spence with Esther Spence

For 6 months we wondered when we were going to get our first deal. One day we were at a meet-up with Shannon and Jeremy Picker from our local Ventura County Mastery Facebook Group and we asked them how they were getting their deals. They told us from a wholesaler. That night i signed us up to receive deals from that wholesaler and within 2 weeks we were sent this property. That was on a Friday and on Monday we handed our new friend the cashier's check and signed the contract. We used our PML and HML to fund the deal. The unique part of this deal was that the previous owner was still living in the house and it was Covid time. It took us 30 days to take possession of the property. It was a total rehab inside and out because the termite damage was pretty severe. They ate the flooring in the living room. Plus it has a common wall which is another set of circumstances.

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

From the beginning of our training, the FortuneBuilders Staff have been very supportive of us. We were lucky enough to find a real estate coach Craig Barton who used to live in our area. Craig guided us through the entire process and reminded us that it was ok to fumble around. Plus he taught us to use our resources we have available(rehab est, repair est, deal analyzer, punch list and checklists etc). And now we have added a new member to our support team Rayana Starre our Business Coach.

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