Tony Helton Rehab Deal


Tony Helton Rehab Deal

Comminity Home Solutions LLC in Alpharetta, GA
Tony Helton with Abby Helton

This was our second rehab but our first hard money lender/construction draw experience. Our realtor friend found this deal on MLS, it had been listed for nearly 300 days, and needed a lot of love! This was a big project, we had to replace all exterior siding and decks in addition to fixing the homeowner DIY "finished" basement. Then came the usual paint, flooring, cabinetry, doors, hardware, etc. The interior of the garage was just studs instead of sheetrock, so we used the leftover fiber cement plank siding on the walls and it came out great, like a rustic, outdoorsy garage area!

Rehab Details

Property City: Alpharetta
Purchase Price: $236,000
Repair Costs $101,410
Holding Costs: $11,250
Sale Price: $385,000

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Case Study

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Our FortuneBuilders education and training made this entire process possible! The coaching we continue to receive from experts across the country, in addition to new local FB friends is invaluable! Thank you FortuneBuilders for showing us the right way to get the job done!

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