Jay Kurup Rehab Deal


Jay Kurup Rehab Deal

Resync property Solutions, LLC in Glastonbury, CT

This bank owned property was acquired through online auction. Our highest bid was rejected twice and then accepted by the bank. The property was abandoned for 3years with no roof shingles, ceilings damaged, broken windows and many more issues. The permitting process took almost a month and then hit with covid!. Many of the contractors were covid positive causing project delays, material delivery delays. Keeping positive attitude and moving ahead with what we can, resulted in positive outcome. The project took 8 months and resulted into a beautiful home. The house was under contract in 48hrs after multiple showings and got asking price.

Rehab Details

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Thanks to all FB coaches and the community for their help and guidance. Internet quick start academy for their help in social networking for leads and marketing which helped a lot for the sale and also to find new opportunities.

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