Elizabeth Butler Rental Deal


Elizabeth Butler Rental Deal

Imagine Home Buyers in Muncie, IN
Elizabeth Butler with Sean Butler and Hatasu Tankersley

We purchase this deal in cash from the profits of a rehab. There were no repairs to be made at the time and the property was already fully rented with long-standing tenants. We acquired this property through our property management company that had completed a full rehab of the rental units (duplex) in 2015 for another client. By working closely with our property manager and making them aware of our interest in growing our passive holdings they began seeking out great opportunities from within their managed portfolios as well as shopping the local market on our behalf.

Rental Details

Property City: Muncie
Purchase Price: $25,628

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

The FB trainings around rental properties, finding the right team, and then giving them full trust in doing their piece of the work was game-changing for our busines. We've been able to stand up a very profitable holdings company in a market 3,000 miles away from our residence and manage rehabs and acquisitions through electronic communication. Understanding from Office Systems Academy that 100% (give or a take some paperwork) of our business could be digitized and managed from where ever we were in the world was also a huge game changer as we were able to streamline processes using DocuSign with our title company, sellers, property managers, etc.