Beth Martinell Rehab Deal


Beth Martinell Rehab Deal

Bravo Home solutions in New Smyrna Beach, FL
Beth Martinell with Joe Martinell

I found the deal on the MLS, paid cash after selling my house on FaceBook for a great price in NJ because the market is so hot. It was a 2/1 house with the garage that served as a bedroom but was in operable condition due to a cracked slab as the floor and a non-working bathroom. We chose to not spend the money on adding a shower but tiled around the drain for the buyer to add. The breezeway was closed in and to connect the two buildings there was a huge open-door frame was, so we added a barn door and it worked out awesome converting it to a 3/1.5. All same flooring was run through the whole house, we painted the kitchen cabinets white which were oak. Removed the white appliances and found all GE Profile black appliances for $400.00 on the Neighbor App because someone was remolding their kitchen, and a deep black granite sink for &100.00! Didn't want to spend a lot of money on the other bathroom so we had the tile walls and tub reglazed and that turned out better than anticipated. All 12 of the windows were replaced along with four doors! (This was where most of the money in the budget was spent.) Which was a bit of a challenge since four windows were on back order and weren't available and we had all other phases of the projects completed so we decided to list and show it without the new windows and put signs up "New windows coming soon".

Rehab Details

Property City: New Smyrna Beach
Purchase Price: $115,000
Repair Costs $34,306
Holding Costs: $14,498
Sale Price: $240,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

Fortune Builders gave me the confidence and knowledge to purchase the house and use the tools for evaluating repairs and using the proper documents. Fortune Builders also showed me how valuable social media is as that is how I sold my house by myself. I learned a lot through out the process and have to fire three contractor before I finished the rehab, and now have a few great relationships with people in the industry.

Before & After Photos