Alexis Eisenhart Rehab Deal


Alexis Eisenhart Rehab Deal

Ironheart Properties in Reading , PA
Alexis Eisenhart with Bobby Eisenhart

Gregg Ave was our first deal after completing the Fortune Builders training. We found a new realtor who was open to working with investors. This property was listed on the MLS as a foreclosure, it was pretty ugly. The entire inside was full of rotting wood and mold, but because of our training, we were not intimidated. The house was treated for mold, had asbestos abated, a whole new HVAC system and hot water heater installed, and electric updated. All the scary things that most newbie investors would probably break over. We also went through a contractor change in the process. The whole house was overhauled with new floors, walls, and paint. The kitchen and bathroom had major makeovers top to bottom. We also added a second floor bonus room.

Rehab Details

Property City: Reading
Purchase Price: $65,000
Repair Costs $50,000
Sale Price: $175,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

A couple months into our project, we discovered that our contractors were not as reliable as we thought. Even after vetting them, things were not going well and we needed to terminate our contract. Without the coaching calls from Fortune Builders, we would not have come out of this on a positive note. We learned how to develop relationships with the City for easy permit changes, subcontractors to finish out the scope of work, and a lawyer who helped us navigate the situation. The critical documents provided by Fortune Builders were our saving grace throughout this rehab.

Before & After Photos