Juan Quintero Rehab Deal


Juan Quintero Rehab Deal

Hooglie Homes in North Palm Beach, FL
Juan Quintero with Carolina, Mario, Guillermo

This was our first deal and it was everything that we could have asked for. It was an apartment unit we found through a realtor friend of ours. It is located in a small prestigious community and with this came many learning obstacles. The permit process was a lot slower than we had anticipated, the HOA proved a worthy adversary and and useful resource. We discovered the importance of a good view when selling a property near the water as that prolonged our journey. We even changed realtors during the process! We couldn't have asked for a better first property experience as we were able to gain a wealth of knowledge and despite any difficult challenges that crossed our path, still ended up with a great profit!

Rehab Details

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We were able to reach out to both the coaches and community and ask plenty of questions. This was invaluable as others' feedback held great influence in some of our decision making.

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