Jeremy Wontorski Rental Deal


Jeremy Wontorski Rental Deal

Rock Solid Properties, LLC in Lowell, IN
Jeremy Wontorski with Kelley Wontorski

We found this multi-level commercial property in what they call "Towne Center Designated" part of town, meaning it can be converted to upper level residential with main level commercial. We made an offer, the offer was accepted. We had the inspection and the inspector found some structural defects, we submitted and requested the seller pay 25% of the structural repairs, they agreed and 6 weeks later we own this monster property! Current use is one commercial business in 14,000 square foot building. When we are done there will be 8 brand new apartments and 3-4 new commercial units available in town.

Rental Details

Property City: Lowell
Purchase Price: $280,000

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